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Dünya Gündeminde İnternet Sansürü

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  • 17 Mayıs 2011
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Dünyadaki NPR/PRI üyesi radyolarda yayınlanan internet sansürü ile ilgili radyo programı.

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Ayrıca TheWorld.org‘de yayınlanan yazı:

Thousands of protestors marched down Istikal Cadesi, Istanbul’s main pedestrian street. They chanted and waved signs. One poster put a Turkish twist on Barack Obama’s campaign slogan. It read “Yes we ban.”

The protestors were demanding that the Turkish government take its hands off the Internet.

The demonstrators considered the proposed new filters as just the latest step to tighten the government’s control over the Internet. Turkish officials say the filters are not about censorship. They are meant to protect children and families from harmful content on the Internet. But protestor Melike Ozbek says the authorities can’t be trusted.

“The thing is that people do not know,” said Ozbek. “That’s the problem with the government; they are lying all the time, to their own voters, to their own people. They are lying all the time. It’s a lie that they are not censoring. This is to show people they are being fooled, to be able to create some sort of spark in their head, to check what’s going on so that maybe then they will understand.”

Not all of the protestors were Internet savvy youngsters. Gul Albay, 56, said this was her first protest in more than 30 years. She only uses the Internet for work but feels the filters proposal is scary.

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